Offering Comprehensive Counsel And Legal Protection

Whether it is protecting your assets and thereby ensuring your children's financial future, or it is protecting your children's emotional well-being by safeguarding their family relationships with grandparents' rights, at Steven R Adams PLLC, I work with you to help establish the best possible outcome for your new life.

From high-asset divorce to spousal maintenance, from child custody to child support modifications, you want and need an attorney who can assure that your best interests are considered. I provide my clients detailed explanation of legal processes, how they affect you directly and collaborate with you to establish the best possible outcome for your case.

Protecting Your Children During Divorce

Divorce can be a time of high emotion. That's only natural — there are many changes, and these are often accompanied by a sense of grief and mourning.

Your family is changing, and with that there are many new things to adapt to. Most people ride these emotions out and over time come to a place of peace. In some instances, one party may have a harder time adjusting and may act out through physical or emotional violence.

When that happens, you and your children need the safety offered by a protection order. Do not hesitate to act on this as soon as you are concerned. Child custody can generally be modified in these situations — including termination of parental rights when necessary. Remember, protecting your children during divorce is paramount.

Helping You Toward A Fruitful Future

Divorce is a time of transition, and during that transition, you need comprehensive legal counsel. At my law office — Steven R Adams PLLC — I can offer you more than 30 years of both legal and practical experience.

Located in Plano Texas, I am a lawyer who provides one-on-one personal attention. I can guide you to your new normal and help ensure that your future is a fruitful one. I offer free consultations, so why not get in contact today at 469-610-2469.